CFO Ferro Silicon Product Index

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CFO Ferro Silicon Product Index

CFO Ferro silicon Product Index:

Ferro silicon composite index is 119.94, +0.28% compared with the previous day and +0.53% compared with the previous week.+1.31% from last month;-0.95% year-on-year;

Spot index of ferrosilicon 5,525.00, +0.45% compared with the previous day;+0.45% compared with last week;+1.84% from last month;Year-over-year -0.45%;

This week ferro silicon remains firm, the market mainstream price 72#5400-5500,75#5600-5700 yuan/ton cash natural block factory, Inner Mongolia Dachang 72# 570075 #5800 yuan/ton acceptance block factory.Market low - price goods reduced, manufacturers spot tight, inventory concentrated in the delivery warehouse.Steel bidding is progressing and is expected to be priced between 6,050-6,150 yuan/ton in September.Export turnover is light, magnesium continues to decline.Later this week disk downward obvious, part of the downstream or will turn to disk receiving, steel move next week to continue to advance, pay attention to disk trend situation.

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