The chinese market of silicon metal

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Silicon metal:

Metallurgical grade:

Metallurgical grade silicon was basically stable this week, with Yunnan 4402# and 3303# slightly up 100 yuan.Due to the decrease of consumption level of the aluminum plant, it is difficult for the factory to be firm. The current mainstream transaction price is concentrated in the ex-factory 10,100-10,200 yuan/ton.3303# and 4402# M silicon main production brands in Yunnan, affected by the recent delivery of foreign orders in the fourth quarter, there are many orders in Yunnan, and the factories are reluctant to offer prices due to the limited working time left in the wet season.

Chemical grade:

Chemical grade metal silicon 421# monthly orders signed in succession, the price around 13000-13500 yuan/ton transaction.The current price has recovered to the highest level of this year, which is the same as the price in February and March, and the profit margin of the factory has increased. We do not rule out that some silicon factories in some regions will switch to 421 or stop production due to changes in the downstream consumer market.Judging from the situation that the production increase in Xinjiang is relatively low, the operation time in Sichuan and Yunnan is not much, and the production expansion of downstream organosilicone factories, the spot market is limited in the following February and March, and the terminal purchase may be intensified.


Statistics this week in Hunan province, one production cut, but some factories are planning to resume production later this week;The start up in Chongqing is down, and the market of no. 553  silicon is not good for the moment. The factory that has stopped production plans to start production after a large area of production reduction in Sichuan and Yunnan.Some flood-affected factories in Sichuan began to resume production.About 96 units were started and stabilized in Yunnan;Individual factories in Xinjiang plan to increase production and resume production of silicon.

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