Cored Wire
Cored Wire
Cored Wire Advantage introduction: The Cored Wire is mainly used for steel making, which can purify steel inclusions, pure steel, and partially change the nature and morphology of inclusions.
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Detailed introduction

The Cored Wire has been widely used in the ladle refining process, and a powdery additive package (deoxidizing agent, desulfurizing agent, alloy) pulverized into a certain size is wrapped in a linear material formed in a continuous narrow steel strip, and Wound into a coil, depending on the core powder, the function and use of the core wire are also different.

The Cored Wire is mainly used for steel making, which can purify steel inclusions, play pure steel liquid and partially change the nature and shape of inclusions, improve the quality of molten steel, improve the casting state, improve the castability of molten steel, and improve the use of steel. Performance, and can significantly improve the alloy yield, reduce alloy consumption, and reduce steelmaking costs.

Because it is beneficial to adjust and control the content of easily oxidizable elements and trace elements, it can greatly increase the alloy yield, reduce the smelting cost, shorten the smelting time, and accurately control the composition.

Cored Wire technical specifications:

(1) Wire diameter: 13 - 13.5mm.

(2) Thickness of steel: 0.4 mm 0.2mm.

(3) Powder containing: 225g / m 10g / m

(4) Powder/steel: 60 / 40.

(5) Wire length: 5000 - 5500m.

(6) Coil weight: 1000 -1800kgs.

(7) Coil width: 600 - 800 mm

(8) Wire winding: horizontal

(9) Packaging: in plastic-covered steel cages

1. Vertical coils in steel cages on wooden (or steel) pallets, plastic shrink wrap, marked. Or according to customer requirements

2. The Cored Wire is first packaged with a steel strip, then wrapped with a waterproof plastic film and protected with a steel cage, and then wrapped in an outer package.

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