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Silicon Carbon Briquette
Silicon Carbon Briquette Advantage introduction: Silicon Carbon Briquette can replace Ferro Silicon, Silicon Carbide and Carbon Additive, and can be used in converter smelting deoxidation alloying process, which can reduce steelmaking cost, increase
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Detailed introduction

Silicon Carbon Briquette is a new type of alloy for converter. It can replace Ferro Silicon, Silicon Carbide and Carbon Additive. It is used in converter smelting deoxidation alloying process. Its characteristics: reduce steelmaking cost, increase economic efficiency and improve product quality. Stable performance.

First, the background of the silicon carbon alloy ball variety

For a long time, the alloy for converter has not been adjusted. The traditional alloys have a single structure, that is, Q195 and Q235 steels adopt Mnsi FeSi SiAiCaBa Sic recarburizer process, and HRB335 and HRB400 steels adopt MnSi Fesi AiSi recarburizer production process. However, the traditional silicon-manganese alloy, the Ferrosilicon resources are increasingly tight, the market price has climbed all the way, which makes the converter steelmaking cost gradually increase, reducing the profitability of steel, and the recovery rate of the traditional alloy is greatly affected by the converter operation, the amount of steel, The end temperature and the amount of slag make the alloy composition fluctuate greatly in the finished product. The chemical composition of the smelting steel grade is unstable, and the qualified rate of the finished product internal control index is low.

Second, silicon carbon alloy ball variety structure optimization

1. Conducive to the reduction of production costs.

2. Improve the quality of molten steel.

3. Reduce the amount of alloy added.

4. Adjust the main alloy.

The Silicon Carbon Briquette replaces the Ferro Silicon, Silicon Carbide, and Carbon Additive, reduces the amount of deoxidizer, and performs oxidation alloying on the converter tray. The effect is stable, and the chemical composition, mechanical properties and internal control quality of the steel are superior to the traditional process.

Through experiments and production practices, it has been shown that the use of Silicon Carbon Briquette for the deoxidation alloy process of converters has greatly reduced the cost of steel-making tons of steel, created considerable economic benefits, and improved the market competitive advantage of steel.

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