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Ferro Silicon Aluminum Alloy
Ferro Silicon Aluminum Alloy Advantage introduction: Ferro Silicon Aluminum Alloy is a composite strong deoxidizer, used in the iron making process, which is more efficient than pure aluminum alone as a deoxidizer.
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6Ferro Silicon Aluminum Alloy is a kind of composite strong deoxidizer. It uses Ferro Silicon Aluminum Alloy in the iron making process. It is more efficient than the use of pure aluminum as a deoxidizer alone. It forms a low-melting product, which is easy to float to the surface of molten steel and reduce the inclusion in steel. With pure steel liquid to improve the quality of steel. In addition to being a deoxidizer, Ferro Silicon Aluminum Alloy can also be used to produce aerospace vehicles and automotive parts.

Ferro Silicon Aluminum Alloy is a strong deoxidizer and a reducing agent for the production of other metals and alloys. It is also used for aluminum heat welding, manufacturing of heat generating agents and explosives. There are no national standards and departmental standards for the technical conditions of Ferro Silicon Aluminum Alloy. The technical conditions for introducing a company's products (composite deoxidizers for steelmaking) are shown in the table.

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