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Carbon Additive Advantage introduction: Carbon Additive used in casting, it can greatly increase the amount of scrap steel and reduce the amount of pig iron or iron.
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Detailed introduction

The Carbon Additive has a variety of raw materials and different production processes, such as wood carbon, carbon coal, coke, graphite, etc., among which there are various classifications, and there are many small types. A high-quality recarburizer generally refers to a carbon atom arranged in a graphite microstructure at a high temperature after graphitization of a recarburizer, which is called graphitization. Graphitization can reduce the content of impurities in the recarburizer, increase the carbon content of the recarburizer, and reduce the sulfur content.

The use of Carbon Additive in casting can greatly increase the amount of scrap and reduce the amount of pig iron or iron. The feed of the electric furnace smelting method, the recarburizer is put together with the scrap steel, and the addition of a small dose can be selectively added to the surface of the molten iron. However, it is necessary to avoid a large amount of feed into the molten iron to prevent excessive oxidation of carbonization, and the carbon content of the casting is insufficient. Add carbon, the amount of other raw materials and carbon content. Different types of cast iron, choose different types of cast iron as needed. Select the pure carbon graphite material of the recarburizer characteristic to reduce the excessive impurities in the iron, and choose the appropriate one to reduce the casting cost.

   Moisture   Ash  Volatile    C       S
    GPC   1max  0.3max  0.5max   98%


    CPC   1max  0.3max  1max  98.5% 0.05-0.35
    CAC   1max  4-8max  1max  85-93%  0.35max

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