Cored Wire
CaFe Cored Wire
CaFe Cored Wire Advantage introduction: Calcium Ferro Cored Wire can purify the molten steel, change the inclusion form, improve the cast ability of the importantly, it will increase the yield of alloy ,cut down the cost and consumption.
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Detailed introduction


Chemical compositions: 

Ca :30% min., Fe balance 
Diameter: 13 mm, +/-0.5mm
Wire Thickness: 0.40+/-0.03 mm 
Coil Dimension: 
ID: 550mm+/-20mm 
OD: 1150+/-50mm 
Width:1100 mm+/-50/mm 
Length of wire: 5000+/- 300m per coil 
Coil weight: 2000 kgs+/-200 kgs per coil 
Powder weight: 260 g/m +/-10g per meter 
Package : vertically flipped packing  or  horizontal flipped packing

CaFe Cored Wire Features 

1. Being propitious to adjust and control the active metal and the content of microelement. 
2. Keep stable of the alloy performance function, reducing steelmaking cost. 
3. Changing the inclusion form to improve the mechanical property. 
4. Facilitate the operation and reduce the operation cost.

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